The Unfindable Inquiry

The Unfindable Inquiry

The Unfindable Inquiry (UI) is the original inquiry (amongst the Living Inquiries) and is the most fundamental. The Unfindable Inquiry can be used to look for anything that we believe is real, any separate thing. These beliefs cause contraction, bondage and suffering. Inquiring into them tends to lead to freedom, peace, and spaciousness.

The primary problem for most people is a case of mistaken identity – not knowing who they really are. They live their lives believing in their separation and in deficiency stories about themselves. Basing a life on a mistaken identity is the same as building a castle of sand or a house of cards. Such a construction is inherently insecure (and ultimately will fail).

Examples of such deficiency stories include “I’m unlovable”, “I’m unwanted”, “I’m unlovable”, “I’m a failure”, “I’m an addict”, “I’m fearful” ”, always some form of I’m not good enough” or “something is wrong.”. The common denominator in all of these stories is “I”. These stories may be overt or subtle, often times they are not even known to exist (being so woven into the fabric of life). Known or not, these stories run people’s lives creating pain and suffering.

But the Unfindable Inquiry is not just for deficiency stories. As alluded to above, the Unfindable Inquiry can be used for anything that we believe is real. There are many basic beliefs that may constrain. Beliefs about loved ones, people that cause difficulties,  the past, the future, life, death, illness, success, and failure. Anything is the operative word here; every aspect of life can be looked at in inquiry.

Through the Unfindable Inquiry we look for these separate things that seem so real.  We use our direct experience as the basis for this inquiry work. Our direct experience is our words, pictures, and energies (physical sensations and emotions). We look at these words, pictures, and energies for what we believe is a real, objective, and separate thing. Again, not being able to truly find the existence of these separate things ultimately leads to freedom, peace, and spaciousness.

What Can Be Looked For Using the Unfindable Inquiry? 

The Unfindable Inquiry can be used to look for anything that we believe is real:

  • Any deficient self
  • Any positive self
  • Any self we identify with (female, male, mother, father, partner, employee, boss)
  • Other people (including spouse, mother, father, boss, facilitator),
  • Concepts (past, present, future, birth, death, right, wrong)
  • Objects  (body, tree, lemon, country, world)
  • Anything we believe to be real