Thanks for your support for helping to open my eyes towards what I’m not. This is very scary for the false identity.  The time spent with you on skype is the most honest time that I can be with myself (while being facilitated by you). I don’t need to hide or repress. I’m being met with an open heart, never being judged by you. I’ve been deeply touched by your deep love for truth and your sharing of it. This sharing is a gift , from above, for all longing hearts to come home. I highly recommend Greg’s work or whatever you call it – work or gift. Try it; it’s like starting a fire. It gets bigger over time.  Thanks for being you in your unique way.

Heike Turner


Greg is amazing!  His calm presence guided me into the knowing radiance and silence that I am; I truly appreciate him and would recommend him to anyone who wants to sit in their true nature.

Rachel Gila RN


Greg has been warm, compassionate, wise and really helpful to me.  I’ve really enjoyed and valued working with him.  I recommended him to a friend – who’s loved her sessions with him too.

A wholehearted recommendation for those who want to live more wholeheartedly.

Ken Farber


I have known Greg Ascue for almost two years and have done many living inquiries with him.  He provides good instruction on the process and is very thorough and skilled with the inquiries and no “stone is left unturned”.  I find him to be kind, patient, attentive, insightful and gentle.  He guides me with warmth and sincerity.   He provides a safe space for inquiry to happen and there is nothing I would not bring to him.  Even when I am judging myself, I have never felt judgment from him, and hence the process has unfolded nicely and it has made a huge difference in my life.  I feel so fortunate to have such confidence in Greg and I highly recommend him.

Alice Morris


Greg is a warm, easy to be with guy.  What I love about him is his peaceful, accepting spirit. What I love most about him is his teachable moments when he critiques my facilitation skills. I always learn tons of great information that empowers me in honing tools to help me share this awesome process of Facilitation with others.  Thank You Greg for being in my life.  Two thumbs up!!

Hattie Pembrook


Greg Ascue is a trusted and highly skilled facilitator with a genuine commitment to awakening, for himself and for others.  He has facilitated me from the depths of despair to profound liberation with great compassion and patience, always centered and present.  Greg is a true professional, open to exploring related fields, making new connections, and generously sharing his insights.  It is an honor and a pleasure to have him as a colleague and friend.

Linda Stevenson