About me



My life as a child was very harsh and painful. There is very little that I have not seen. My original question, at the age of 12, was “Why are some people born to suffer when others are not?”. It seemed to me that life would be senseless if suffering was random. I sought to find an answer to my question.

I proceeded to read the Bible multiple times, in high school I started to meditate and practice yoga, and ultimately became a Zen Monk in my late 20’s. Through all of this, a lot of understanding was found. Ultimately, I gained interest in various non-dual traditions.  I found the practice of inquiry and it was essential, for me, for the seeing through of various residual issues.

I love doing inquiry. Helping people to learn it, facilitating it, or receiving it. It is a profound and intimate way to be with others. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time. The inquiry work, that I do, looks directly for the existence and truth of your mistaken deficient identities, anxieties, and compulsions. Not being able to truly find (through inquiry) the existence of these things ultimately leads to freedom, peace, spaciousness, and love. This is who you are.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this.




Specifically I am a:

  • Senior Facilitator/Trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries
  • Level 3 Practioner and Teacher of iRest (Yoga Nidra)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Jivamukti and Mt. Madonna Ashtanga)
  • Long time Zen student